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Pre-Owned Pianos

At PianoForte Chicago we carry a variety of pre-owned pianos.  Many of these pianos are unique. If interested, we encourage you to inquire at your earliest convenience.


Baldwin grand piano, model R, 1997

Baldwin grand piano, top of the line Artist Series, model R, built in USA in 1997. One of the last Baldwins made in the USA. This piano was used by a school but it is in excellent playing shape and is priced to sell quickly.Baldwin R 1997

PianoForte Price: $9,900

Manufacturer: Baldwin
Model: R
Size: 5 feet 8 inches
Finish: Ebony Satin


Bösendorfer Grand Piano, Model 213

One owner pristine 7′ Bösendorfer. The condition is like new. It was played very little and regularly maintained by a top technician in Chicago.

PianoForte price: $69,000

Manufacturer: Boesendorfer
Model: 213
Size: 7 feet
Finish: Ebony Polish


Fazioli Concert Grand Piano

Fazioli 278 piano opposite view

Fazioli concert grand that was performed upon by Herbie Hancock, Angela Hewitt, Garrick Ohlsson, Jeffrey Kahane and many others at the Chicago Symphony Center, Ravinia Festival and other Chicago venues.

It was sold to an individual in 2006, who sold it back to PianoForte in 2012. The piano was very well cared for and is in pristine condition. Many would say that the piano is now at its ideal state, having been broken in and played for a few years. It would be ideal for an institution, venue or individual wishing for a great Fazioli piano at a pre-owned price.

Pre-owned Fazioli pianos are rarely available at any price.

List price: $178,200
PianoForte price: Offered at $97,000

Manufacturer: Fazioli
Model: Fazioli 278
Size: 9'2"
Finish: Ebony Polish


Feurich grand piano, vintage 1916

Feurich classic grand piano, made in Leipzig, Germany, very elegant legs, new hammers & dampers, restrung.

Decorated open music desk.

Own a German vintage piano for only $12,500.

2013-02-16 11.47.55

Manufacturer: Feurich
Model: Parlor grand
Size: 6 feet 1 inch long
Finish: Ebony Polish


Grotrian Grand Piano, Model Charis

Grotrian grand piano, model charis

  • Model CHARIS
  • Pre-owned (2010)
  • German parts and manufacturing
  • Renner action
  • Stunning Condition!

PianoForte price: $54,990 (new list price $84,000)

Manufacturer: Grotrian
Model: Charis - 208
Size: 6 feet 10 inches
Finish: Ebony Polish


Kawai Upright Piano

  • Kawai upright piano
  • Model BL-31
  • 49 inches tall
  • 1978
  • Fully Refurbished
  • Popular for those in need of volume and a full sound

PianoForte price: $3,400

2013-02-16 11.48.52

Manufacturer: Kawai
Model: BL-31
Size: 49 inches tall
Finish: Ebony Polish

Kawai digital piano

2013-02-16 11.47.19Discontinued Kawai digital piano model CN43

Progressive Harmonic Imaging sound technology with 88-note piano sampling, Responsive Hammer (RH) Action with Let-off

323 exceptional instrument sounds, 12 Drum Kits, Dual, Split and Four-Hands modes

192-Note Polyphony, 16 Track Recorder, Built-in Alfred Piano lessons

USB Audio and USB to device

3 Pedals with Half-damper

PianoForte discounted price: $2,395*

* Includes full 5-year factory Warranty on parts and labor

Manufacturer: Kawai
Model: Digital Piano CN43
Size: Digital
Finish: Rosewood

Marco Polo

Marco Polo Mini-Upright Piano

Marco Polo mini-piano

  • Real acoustic 64-key piano, made in Japan in the 60s.
  • Natural Wood Finish
  • Great for students who cannot reach the pedals of a full-size piano

PianoForte price: On sale for $1,200!

Manufacturer: Marco Polo
Model: 64-keys mini-piano
Size: Mini-piano
Finish: Natural walnut

Mason & Hamlin

Mason & Hamlin Model A, Vintage 1915

Mason & Hamlin piano, Vintage 1915

Restored in 2006 by Gabor and Sujatri Reisinger in New York.

Built in the Golden Age of piano making in Boston, it has the warmth, clarity and power which pianists expect of a Mason & Hamlin.

Manufacturer: Mason & Hamlin
Model: Model A
Size: 5 feet 8 inches
Finish: Walnut with elaborate handcrafted inlay

Mason & Hamlin model A, vintage

Mason & Hamlin model A from the 1920s. Restored by ANR Piano (new pin block, strings, Renner hammers) and David Graham, RPT (Stanwood Piano Touch Design with helper springs)

Beautiful dark and powerful sound.

Ivory keys.

PianoForte price: $29,000

Mason & Hamlin A, 1920s

Manufacturer: Mason & Hamlin
Model: A
Size: 5 feet 8 inches
Finish: Hand rubbed mahogany


Schimmel K280 Concert Grand Piano

Schimmel K280 Concert Grand Piano
Stunning Schimmel concert grand, model K280, in pristine condition.

  • Only used for 1 year for a classical radio broadcast, to rave reviews from artists.
  • Keys have bone special covering
  • Ideal purchase for professional use

PianoForte price: Offered at $69,900

Manufacturer: Schimmel
Model: K280
Size: 9'2"
Finish: Ebony Polish

Wendl & Lung

Wendl & Lung grand piano, model 218

wendl_plan_corde_queue_2Wendl & Lung grand piano model 218, 7 feet 2 inches

The first model in the innovative Wendl & Lung concert grand series emerged in close collaboration with the acclaimed French piano designers Stephen Paulello and Claire Pichet.

The unique design of this semi-concert grand sets new standards in quality and tone.
Specially manufactured hammer heads by Abel with highest AA quality felt by Wurzen
Top quality soundboard made by Strunz of Bavaria

You cannot find more value for the money.

PianoForte Price: $25,000

Manufacturer: Wendl & Lung
Model: 218
Size: 7 feet 2 inches
Finish: Ebony Polish


Yamaha Upright Piano, Model U-1

Refurbished Yamaha U-1 in excellent condition inside and out.

PianoForte price: $5,195

2013-02-16 11.49.12

Manufacturer: Yamaha
Model: U-1
Size: 48 inches tall
Finish: Ebony Polish

At PianoForte Chicago we carry premier pre-owned pianos by makers that often include Bechstein, Bösendorfer, Steinway & Sons, Mason & Hamlin, Schimmel, Yamaha, and others. If you have questions or would like to be notified when a particular piano is available, please call us at (312) 291-0000.

Thank you for your interest.